L’Arc~en~Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012 in JAKARTA

A very late post of Laruku concert in Jakarta. hehehehe. Mestinya minggu lalu udah di upload tapi karena gua sakit jadi ga sempet upload2 foto :D

laruku4 First of all, I want to say THANK YOU Marygops for bringing them to Jakarta!! Something I that I can never imagine before!! I swear I will watch them again if they come here next time.

Laruku – checked
Big Bang- checked
Super Junior – checked
SNSD – checked

*isi nya kok kpop semua*

If you don’t know yet, Jakarta is one of the non-europe concert that has VIP section and has outdoor venue! Hyde said they’re really anticipating this concert because he loves outdoor venue! (cr : various news)

Until I wrote this, I still cannot move on from my L’Day moment :))) post concert withdrawal syndrome xD Only happens to great concerts (the first time I watched Suju and Bigbang)

*** Concert Preparation ***

I didn’t prepare anything for the concert, only took a 1-day leave from office. And prepare some money to buy their concert merchandises ahahaha :)) I wanted to buy their T-shirt and Lightstick!

 *** Arriving at the venue ***

Me & Jen arrived at Lapangan Senayan around 4pm. Jakarta traffic was bad plus when we were inside Senayan, so many people were queueing already. It’s a total chaos!!! Mobil cuma bisa lewat 1 jalur aja. We’re so lucky that evening, the parking lot were still empty. We had to pay 20rb buat premannya ><” Kalau ke Senayan, paling males nih sama preman-preman nya!

First, we met my college friend there (Sindy) and exchanged our vouchers to real tickets at R.Karcis booth. Ga pake antri nukernya :D Since Sindy arrived first, she got me Laruku T-Shirt that I want. But they’re running out of Lightstick so we had to buy it “inside” the venue after gate 1 is opened. The merchandise booth inside can only be bought by people who got tickets. Then,  we joined the chaos to enter the gate 1. Tergencet-gencet kaya pepes bersama puluhan orang lainnya selama kurang lebih setengah jam :| Yang tadinya cakep masih mulus, luntur semua bercampur keringet :)) Gimana desek-desekan nya? Imagine orang2 yg mudik pas Lebaran. Sama kayak itu! Dorong-dorongan. Semua berjuang untuk masuk ke sebuah pintu kecil. Tapi untung semua orangnya sopan2, kalau kedorong yg lain pada ngingetin supaya jgn dorong2. There’s a nice guy in front of us yg say sorry terus kalau dia dorong2 :D *karena dia kedorong jg bukan maksud mo dorong*

Finally after a long struggle, kita bisa masuk ke pengecekan pertama where we had to throw away our drinks & roti T_T What a waste!!! Inside there, so many food stalls that sold a very unreasonable price of food! Masa, somay 5 pieces aja 30rb! Sate padang 30rb, Frestea 20rb! Aqua 20rb, Coke 20rb! WHAT THE EFF!! Kita memutuskan untuk ga makan makanan itu & untungnya roti si Sindy berhasil lolos. Jadi kita share itu deh :p  After resting a bit, kita antri toilet box & gw ganti baju disana :D Pakai baju Laruku dong~~ hihihi. And then we antri lagi selama 1,5 jam-2jam. Standing! Di lapangan! Untung udah ga sepanas tadi sore. Udah mulai mendung-mendung and a bit worried juga kalau ujan  :( Untung pawangnya jago! Ujan berhasil ditahan sampai konser dimulai.

Around 6pm we could enter the concert venue! We’re looking around for the best spot and settle our temporary little ‘kingdom’ there. Next to us is an Indonesian famous actor, Fedi Nuril . kkkkk. We waited there until 8PM. #:-s

What a long wait just to watch a concert!


Tanpa basa basi, Laruku langsung memulai  lagu pertama, Ibara no Namida. Which I don’t like at first but after the concert ended I can’t stop humming it. Kkkkk.  The LCD screen was huge and very HD! Jernih banget kayak nonton bioskop. Bukan layar yg ada garis2 kotak2nya, tapi bener2 layar HD! Awesomeness! Let’s talk about the lightning, The lightning itself was also superb!! Keren! Dan not to forget the awesome sound system … Suaranya bagus! Beda banget sama konser2 yg pernah gua tonton sebelumnya. Suaranya ga pecah sama sekali! Lalu tak lupa background nya yg bagus2 pula, mendukung lagunya :D Bener2 daebak lah konser Laruku di Jakarta ini. (Gw ga bisa menemukan kata-kata selain daebak hahaha)

The complete setlist for Indonesia concert :
1 いばらの涙
2 CHASE -English version-
7 瞳の住人
8 XXX -English version-
9 fate
10 forbidden lover
13 Driver’s High
16 あなた
17 the Fourth Avenue Cafe
18 Link
19 虹

laruku7 HYDE, my idol since a long time ago, whom I refer him as OM HYDE, was very very charming :3 handsome, cute, beautiful, etc. Masih ngga percaya bisa liat HYDE langsung!  He’s small of course. I can hardly saw him hahaha. I could see Tetsu, Ken, and Yuki from my place but not HYDE! Not yet! Everyone said they can see Hyde from their spot but not mine. This is so not fair! I want to see him with my eyes, not from the big screen! I still cannot see him clearly for 1,5 hours.

I cannot stop singing their songs, jumping, dancing, and screaming!  OMG MY FIRST CONCERT THAT I can sing along!! –my Korean isvery bad, so technically I couldn’t sing it as good as the others, can only uttering gibberish words- But my Japanese is better, jadi yaaa aku bisa nyanyi sama-sama om Hyde deh :3

Hitomi no Jyunin was done PERFECTLY! The crowd also sang along with Hyde. It was very beautiful T_T We wave our lightsticks together at the same direction  T_T Oh, Hyde wore his hat! My friend said he looks like a Madame. Ahahaha.

I’ve been waiting for XXX live performance.  The song is very sexy, makes you wanna move & dance. And if you haven’t watched the PV, YOU MUST!!! Four of them look very sexy on that clip XD Especially my om Haido~ 40 and still sexy XD Dan during the XXX performance, HYDE dance joget sana sini dong~ Lucu dan menggemaskan. Too bad I could only see it from the HD screen. Dia  ngga Cuma joget di XXX aja sih, ada beberapa lagu yg dia joget2 juga :3 very cute!

Di forbidden lover, Hyde cried. No, I didn’t record it. Abisnya aku terkesima melihat om Haido nangis. Kkkkk. Tapi gw sempet melihat dia berkaca2 di lagu sebelumnya. Dunno if the others notice it or not.

Then, another ballad song was played. MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM :3 We sang along with them and wave our lightsticks.

After this, KEN MC. Too bad I didn’t watch it. Gua mabok bo! Mau pengsan aku disini. Kecapean, laper, maag udah nusuk2, dan dehidrasi. So I decided to back off and looking for water. Rela deh gua kehilangan spot gua, daripada gua pingsan dan ga bisa nonotn sisa konser mending gua enjoy di belakang aja. Pas lagi jalan gw Cuma denger beberapa kalimat aja. Thanks to YOUTUBE, gua bisa nonton ulang yg gua missed hihihihi. Here’s the video :

*** Mau Pingsan and I gave up my spot ***

Asli yaa…. Perjalanan dari spot tengah gua ke belakang tuh terasa panjanggggg banget. Kok ga sampe2. Gua udah agak2 sempoyongan jalannya. Untunglah ketika sampai di line belakang, udah agak lega. Tapi tetep padet loh ini bagian Premium, Bener2 sold out ya konsernya. Di luar area konser, ada penonton yg ga kebagian tiket dan nonton dari pinggir :| It’s a bit unfair I think. They can watch it from the big screen.  And there I found my water! Gua udah ngga mikir berapapun harganya gua beli. But to my surprise, he sold to me at original price = GOCENG! 5000! YES YOU READ IT RIGHT!! Gua agak shocked juga pas tau goceng ahahaha. Entah dia liat muka gua yg udah pucet or kasian or memang nice guy. There I enjoyed my drink, gue puas2in tuh minum smape setengah botol. Dingin pula. Seger~ Sambil duduk2 disitu dan ada juga yg lgi istirahat disana.

laruku2 Kayaknya gua sempet ngga dengerin 1,5 lagu. Seventh Heaven & half of Driver’s high. Lalu g pun berdiri lagi dan awkwardly nyelinep di bagian belakang. Enjoying the rest of the concert. Ikutan nyanyi driver’s high dikit, stay away masih setengah sadar, dan baru completely regain my energy after Ready Steady Go. Kkkkk

It rained suddenly during ANATA! Epic pawang ujan is epic! Tau aja moment yg pas buat turunin hujan rintik2. The rained stopped at the end of the song. Awesomeness. Only in Indonesia nih. Ujan bisa dibuat special effect di konser :3 Of kors me so happy they sing my fave song at this live. Since SHIBUYA SEVEN DAYS concert gua selalu berharap kapan ya gua bisa nonton ANATA live langsung, eh 2 Mei adalah waktunya! Gadgets ready & then I recorded the performance :3

I was hoping that I could cry but NO SINGLE TEARS appear! Mellow mode on = FAILED! Instead of tears, big smile was appear on my face :3 MAX HAPPY I guess :3 We sang along and Hyde also let us sang some part :3 LARUKU must be so proud of us, Indonesian crowd!

After Anata, instead of winter fall / blurry eyes, They performed 4TH AVENUE CAFÉ and link! OMG!! THANKS TO RUROUNI KENSHIN and Full Metal Alchemist, I guess :P OMG MY FAVE SONG (link, btw, not 4th ave) I CAN DIE HAPPY XD Gilaa semua lagu2 yg gua suka dibawaainnn!! Dri hitomi no jyunin, good luck my way, xxx, anata, link, drivers high! OMG!! BEST CONCERT EVER!!!

L'arc~en~Ciel concert in Jakarta 2012And TETSU MC during LINK was really funny! Hahaha.  “Kamu mau pisang saya? Kamu mau jilat lollipop saya?” ahahahaha pervert Tetsu! XD *insert 17+ jokes here*

laruku1The concert ended after they finished Niji :| Hyde made a yakusoku –promise- : THEY WILL COME BACK TO JAKARTA! Okay HYDE, I’LL BE WAITING FOR YOU! XD

I still cannot believe the concert just ended like that. Hoping they will do encore tapi yg nongol malah staff L’Arc beresin stage. Zzzz Pas gua ke depan barisan premium, ada L’crew lagi syuting lagi. Aku pun dadah dadah wkwkwkwkwk. Berharap masuk di DVD :|

Btw, I heard this concert will be recorded and put into their World Tour DVD loh! Makanya semua serba bagus, dari lightning, suara, screen.  And then Hyde said to one of Marygops staff that HE LOVES THE CROWD sampai2 menitikan air mata & terharu. Couldn’t agree more, IT WAS THE BEST CROWD EVER!!

Semua bisa nyanyi, semua ikutan dance sana sini, dan ngga diem aja. Denger2 sih di Negara tetangga penontonnya kurang responsive #nomensyen

L'arc~en~Ciel concert in Jakarta 2012L'arc~en~Ciel concert in Jakarta 2012Trus, Performa LARUKU di Jakarta ini bisa dibilang cukup bergairah. Hyde suaranya bisa mencapai high pitch, Tetsu & Ken main bas/gitar nya bagus, Yuki juga drum solo nya man man tap tap.

L'arc~en~Ciel concert in Jakarta 2012Oh ya, like I said before I couldn’t see HYDE selama 1,5 jam. Nah setelah gw  cari minum itu, gua kan berdiri di belakang, eh malah keliatan HYDE nya! Meskipun from afar tapi tetep keliatan! Yipiiie!! Doa gua dikabulkan XD Om Hyde kecil2 lucu menggemaskan :3 Senyumnya itu loh! DEADLY!!! Make up nya juga bagus! Kalo Jen ngga suka rambut gimbal nya, gua malah suka banget XD hihihi Kalau ga salah dulu pernah pakai rambut gimbal juga deh, gw lupa di live yg tahun berapa.

L'arc~en~Ciel concert in Jakarta 2012L'arc~en~Ciel concert in Jakarta 2012We left the venue around 11PM. Sampai di Gading mampir dulu ngisi perut di SevEl lalu pulang deh. Asli besokannya ngantuk banget, badan pegel2 dan masih ngga bisa move on sampai sekarang.

Wallpaper ipod gw mukanya Hyde memberikan CUP hihiihihi *masih inget suaranya pas dia bilang cup* OM hyde~~ makin tua makin hensemm to the max~ i lop u om!! Om Hyde ini udah berumur sekitar 40 loh!

L'arc~en~Ciel concert in Jakarta 2012

eyeliner maybelline nya tahan berjam2 loh! ga luntur! padahal gw keringetan banget & berminyak. mantap!

Kalau diceritain semua sih ngga bakalan selesai-selesai nih XD Semoga om Hyde dkk bisa dateng lagi ke Indo dengan venue yg lebih bagus dari skrg dan antrian lebih rapi ^^

Sisa-sisa Laruku kemarin :
L'arc~en~Ciel concert in Jakarta 2012- T-Shirt 300rebu, kaos nya tipis,sablonannya biasa. Mahal di import nya gua rasa.
Lightstick Pink 100rb! Udah ga bisa nyala ><” Kenapa Jepang ga buat lighstick batere kaya Kpop sih!


  1. says

    tapi lauruku emang niat sih, konser dia disemua negara pasti ada bagian ngomong bahasa negara itu, dan beli oleh2 hahaha… g nyesel ga ikutan nonton yg di SG ama torechan, sekarang sebutan g berganti , bukan si kontet ganteng, tapi jadi TANTE CANTIK wakakaka:)

  2. says

    Aaaaaaaaa…. NGIRI ABISSSSSS!!!!!!

    pengen pengen pengen pengen..
    Hari sabtu kemarin mereka main di Paris tuh.. Cuma karena suami ga ngijinin nonton dan konser NKOTBSB juga besok minggunya jadi di skip deh…

    Btw, sempet liat di yutub pas bagian mereka ngomong pake bahasa Indo… Asli kocak banget yaaa.. Apalagi salah satu sahabatku ternyata nonton di bagian VIP.. Trus cerita dengan serunya lah dia.. Berasa kayak luka dikasih garem.. Pediiiiiih…

  3. feriin says

    nyasar ke tempatnya angel uuueeee. suatu kesalahan besar XD
    aduh komplit ya gel. angle-nya juga mantap punya :D
    gonna miss them like forever sampe om kuntet nepatin janjinya beneran kesini lagi ;3;

  4. naki says

    kalo mereka kesini lagi kayanya gw ga sanggup nonton lagi , hwahaha

    but still , the best concert I ever had !

    iya kenapa sih rambutnya ga kaya pas preskon , kan lucu rambut nanggung ala tante2 , hihihi

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